According to the public organization "Organic Standard", as of the beginning of 2022 in Ukraine there were 473 enterprises of various forms of ownership with the status of producers and processors of organic products. Such data were announced by the director of the department of agrarian development of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine Igor Vishtak, the press service of the ministry reported on February 21.

   "Organic production is a promising tool for stimulating sustainable economic development in developing countries, such as Ukraine. In Ukraine, the culture of consumption is changing and organic products are in demand. Therefore, we must develop this area," said the official.

    He also said that the domestic consumer market of organic products in Ukraine continues to expand. The main types of organic products produced in Ukraine are: milk and dairy products, cereals and cereals, flour, pasta, seeds, vegetables and fruits, juices, beverages, eggs, meat products, spices and condiments, sugar , oil, ice cream and other products, which include bakery and pasta, honey, chocolate, tea and coffee.

   "The Ministry of Agrarian Policy includes state support for producers of organic agricultural products. The Ministry ensures the implementation of these functions from 2021, however, it should be noted that thanks to the programs developed under the leadership of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and approved at the regional and local councils of agro-industrial complex development, organic operators received support from local budgets, "said I. Vishtak. .

   He also stressed that in p.r. support for organic producers from both state and local budgets will continue.

   "In order to ensure compliance with this rule, the Ministry of Agrarian Policy is currently working on a draft resolution of the Government of Ukraine" On the use of funds provided in the State Budget for state support of producers of organic agricultural products, "- said the director.



There are more than 470 producers of organic products in Ukraine