Ukraine has harvested the largest amount of early grain in history, it will contribute to farmers' incomes and investments in the industry, as well as increase Ukraine's GDP, according to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine

The harvest was the largest since the beginning of Independence - 46.4 million tons, according to the Ministry of Agriculture. The department explains this by favorable weather, state support for the agricultural sector and investment in production quality.

Most of the harvest will be exported, which against the background of rising world food prices will significantly increase the industry's revenues. At the same time, analysts remind that the cost of fuel and fertilizers is growing rapidly, which will inevitably "eat" part of farmers' income. Therefore, they call for the continuation of land and other economic reforms so that the growth of incomes of the Ukrainian agro-industrial complex entails an influx of investments.



Ukraine has harvested a historical maximum of grain: what is behind the record