The share of Ukrainian supplies in total imports of this product to the EU is about 13%, which indicates a significant potential for the country. This was reported by

The main share in the production of nuts is walnuts - 13.4 thousand tons (98% of production). Almost all of their plantations are concentrated in households. The rest of the produced nuts are represented by hazelnuts and almonds - 0.1-0.2 thousand quintals in 2020.

"Today, walnuts, which are the basis of domestic imports, are used as an ingredient in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, in the production of personal hygiene products. Increasingly, walnuts are processed into milk, and producers of this product will be able to enter a new market and meet growing demand, "- said in a statement.

In 2020, 113.4 thousand tons of walnuts were grown in Ukraine, which is 10% lower than the previous year's production. The main reason for the reduction was a decrease in yields and a slight decrease in the area under nut plantations.



Ukraine is one of the ten countries exporting walnuts