Automakers from around the world have planned to invest $ 515 billion in the development and production of electric vehicles and related technologies by 2030, according to Reuters estimates.

Meanwhile, analysts fear that demand may be lower than supply

Analysts of the publication analyzed the plans of various companies in this direction. Thus, the growth compared to the beginning of 2019 is more than 70% - then such investments were planned for $ 300 billion.

The leader in terms of planned investments in electric cars and batteries for them is the German automaker Volkswagen - it is going to invest $ 112 billion.

It is followed by Daimler ($ 47 billion), Stellantis ($ 36 billion), Ford ($ 30 billion) and GM ($ 28 billion).

Analysts note that consumer demand for electric vehicles may not meet such large-scale plans of automakers. AutoForecast Solutions analyst Brian Maxim likened it to the Cold War, because as soon as several companies launched such programs, other automakers were forced to follow suit.

According to him, "this forces many automakers to plan significant volumes of production of the category of cars, the adoption of which is unknown to consumers and which for many years will bring minimal profit or not at all."

It will be recalled that in the meantime, new Factorial Energy batteries have been developed, which will increase the mileage of electric vehicles by 50%.


Investments in electric vehicles will amount to $ 515 billion over the next 10 years