On Wednesday, February 15, 2022, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the draft law №6401 on Amendments to the Law “On Local Self-Government in Ukraine” to Ensure Transparency of Local Self-Government. This was reported by Roman Lozynsky facebook.com, writes agronews.ua.

According to the document, there should be a regular inventory of community property, which will help councils, citizens and businesses to more effectively assess community resources and use them more efficiently.

According to People's Deputy Roman Lozynsky, the document proposes to significantly expand the rules on openness of local councils and community executive committees.

"The bill proposes that online broadcasts of local council sessions be made mandatory for all communities (on the website or via YouTube, Facebook, etc.). Also, appendices to draft decisions and draft agendas of standing committees should be published in the public domain, ”Roman Lozynskyi said.

It is also important that speakers at the council sessions speak the state language (synchronization with language legislation).

The register, in particular, will contain information on communal property, housing, unoccupied land, lease agreements for communal property, land, etc. At the same time, the executive bodies of local councils are obliged to conduct a continuous inventory of all objects of communal property of the territorial community every five years.

Source: https://agronews.ua/news/gromady-zobovyazhut-provodyty-inventaryzacziyu-zemli-kozhni-5-rokiv/


Communities will be required to conduct a land inventory every 5 years