The third round of the investment project "Family Dairy Farms" starts in Ukraine

On January 25, 2021, the third round of the investment project for the development of family dairy farms begins in Ukraine.


€ 600 million has already been invested in domestic solar power plants in Ukraine

About 30,000 families in Ukraine have already switched to solar power plants, investing 600 million euros.


Bill Gates plans to invest $ 2 billion to save the climate

Microsoft founder Bill Gates wants to invest $ 2 billion over the next five years in projects to combat climate change.


In Ukraine and Europe there is a trend of implementing the formats of small shopping centers

In the market of Central and Eastern Europe, there is a trend of implementing the formats of small shopping centers and retail parks, which developers and tenants see as a profitable investment, and consumers - as convenient and safe places to shop.


$ 500 million investment: OKKO plans to start construction of a ski resort in the Carpathians

In 2021, the OKKO Group holding plans to begin construction of a ski resort on the territory of the Slavska United Territorial Community (Lviv region), the amount of investment will be $ 500 million.


Buy a piece of Apple: how to become the owner of shares of technology giants. Instruction

Everyone can invest. Where to start if you want to invest some of your savings in stocks. How to choose a broker, what are virtual platforms and why it is dangerous to invest blindly.


The Ukrainian investment company has set up a $ 100 million fund to invest in startups from other countries

The fund will invest in startups in the field of IT logistics, blockchain and artificial intelligence


The new agrarian revolution: how to feed the world's population

According to the UN, by the middle of the XXI century, the world's population will grow by 30%. To feed everyone, agricultural production will have to increase by 70%. One way to achieve this is to accelerate the introduction of new technologies in agriculture.