Business type production
Country Ukraine
Region Zaporizhia region
District Huliaipole
Location Huliaipole
Address Huliaipole
Coordinates 47.687424, 36.391760
Type of investment Ready projects

Name of the company (organization) Huliaipole city council

Mailing address: 70200, Zaporizhzhia obl., Huliaipole district, Huliaipole city, st. Shevchenko, 15/2

Telephone number: (06145) 4-18-79

Fax: (06145) 4-18-79

e-mail: ada@gpmrada.gov.ua

Type of ownership: communal property

Head of the company (organization):

Position: Mayor

Full name: Sergey Yarmak

Head's telephone number: (06145)-4-18-79

Contact person:

Position: Deputy Mayor on Infrastructure and Investments

Full name: Svetlana Plyushchy

Head's telephone number: (06145)-4-15-83

Description of investment project: opening of the meat-processing complex. Purchase of raw materials from the local population, agricultural producers. Supply of processed products to the domestic market. The appearance of jobs.

Project readiness: planning stage

Amount of investments (thousand, USD): 500

Form of investment: investor search

The land plot is located outside the settlement, near the western border of the city of Huliaipole. Land under the existing complex of immovable property that is not used - is the object of providing normative slaughter of units of animal origin and poultry in the area (private property). Buildings and structures of the complex in satisfactory condition - slaughter, washing, sausage, smoking shops, laboratory. Purpose - for the placement and operation of main, subsidiary and auxiliary buildings and facilities of the enterprises of processing, engineering and other industries. The distance to the residential building is 400 m. It is adjacent to the highway Gulyaypole - Zaporozhye (the territorial road of general use from the road Pavlograd-Tokmak-Omelnij-Huliaipole km 11 + 900 km 28 +100). Distance to the railway station is 4 km (Dnieper railway). Engineering networks - available.



Meat processing company, investment amount $ 0.5 million