Business type agriculture (livestock breeding)
Country Ukraine
Region Dnipropetrovsk region
District Tsarychanka
Location Babaykivka village
Address Babaykivka village
Coordinates 49.0185871, 34.5130212
Type of investment Ready projects

Economic indicators:

Project cost: € 960,000

NPV: € 1628,440

IRR: 46%

Payback period: 3 years


✓ Exclusive product for the Ukrainian market.

✓ State support (Reimbursement of expenses).

✓ High competitiveness of the project.

✓ Lack of similar farms for breeding Black Angus cattle in Ukraine.

✓ The main market is Ukraine.

✓ Low cost of the project compared to foreign counterparts.

Project analysis:

▪ Marble meat is in great demand in America and the EU.

▪ There are no farms in our country that produce this type of meat, so it is purchased from abroad.

▪ BLACK ANGUS cattle farm is the first marble meat farm in Ukraine.

▪ Domestic meat will cost much less than European meat, but will not be inferior in quality to a foreign product.


Farm for growing and breeding bulls of the Aberdeen breed, investment amount EUR 0.96 million