Business type production
Country Ukraine
Region Khmelnytskyi region
District Yarmolynetskyi
Location Solobkivtsi village
Address Solobkivtsi village
Coordinates 49.0839447, 26.9024895
Type of investment Ready projects

Construction of a plant for production of ecosorbent and mineral fertilizers of glauconite with an annual capacity of processing 50 thousand tons of glauconite-quartz sands.

Date of Company's Establishment, form of property and the share of State's ownership (%): LLC (Limited Liability Company) SPCE (Scientific and production commercial enterprise) "Ecoresurs" was founded in January 2002, private property

A brief description of products (result): 

Main commodity products:
• glauconite fraction 0,25 - 45% concentration;
• glauconite fraction 0.25 - 95% concentration
• concomitant products - sand fraction -0.25 mm.
Glauconite has a wide range of applications as raw materials for the production of potash fertilizers, mineral feed additives, a filtering element for the production of water purifiers, a sorbent for the purification of environmental contaminants, the restoration of contaminated lands, and the extinguishing of chemical fires. 

Authorized fund of business, thousand dollars USA: 22,6

Number of working people: 2

Ensuring the project with resources: The project involves the exploitation of the deposit in the village Kruti Brody with an area of 1.63 hectares, and the construction of a plant in the village Solobkivtsi with an area of 1 hectare (the land plot is leased for 49 years).

Project's total cost, thousand dollars USA: 8442,5
The investment needs, thousand dollars USA: 5442,5
Own sources, thousand dollars USA: 0,0

Other sources, thousand dollars USA: 5442,5

Conditions for attracting investment: Direct investment

The economic effect from the implementation of the proposals:

Financial analysis of the project:
Net cash inflows (net profit) for 5 years of the project - 25019,2 thousand US dollars.
Net present value of proceeds over 5 years of the project, taking into account the discount rate - 14% - 16985.3 ths. US dollars.
Internal Rate of Return (IRR) - 49.5%.
Profitability Index (PI) - 2.0%.
Payback period (PBP) - 2,5 years.
Project Performance Indicators:
Net sales for 5 years of the project - USD 38,537.4 ths.
Cost-effectiveness of the 5 years of the project - 65%.
Average annual net sales - 7707.5 thsd. US dollars.
Average annual net profit is 5003,4 thousand US dollars.
The production program planned in the framework of the project will allow to cover expenses for its realization and accumulate enough working capital to purchase the necessary amount of raw materials.
The funds invested in the project are returned back to the 4th year of the project (at the 3rd year of operation). 

The social effect from implementation of the proposals: Creating 50 new jobs, increasing revenues to budgets of all levels

Stage of readiness / investment project development: Ready investment project

Project implementation period (years): 1

Project payback period (years): 2,5

Contact details: 

Head of the LLC SPCE "ECORESURS" – Kozub Yurii Bohdanovych
Tel.: (050) 430 59 97 E-mail: Kozub_Y@ukr.net 


Construction of a plant for the processing of glauconite sands in the village Solobkivtsi, Yarmolinetskyi district, Khmelnytskyi region, investment amount EUR 5.442500 million