Business type production
Country Ukraine
Region Khmelnytskyi region
District Shepetivka
Location Slavuta
Area (hectare) 49,63
Address Slavuta, Viiskova street
Coordinates 50.296260, 26.889051
Type of investment Ready projects
Purpose of the land plot Lands of industry, energy and other purposes

Proposed target use

for placement and operation of main, auxiliary buildings and structures of enterprises of processing, machine-building and other industries

Approximate price of land (UAH / m2)


Owner (s)

Slavuta City Territorial Сommunity

Cadastral number




Land features


Soil type on the land plot (ha)

Light gray, podzolic, slightly washed, sub-sandy

Ground level difference (m)


Present land use


Contamination of groundwater (Yes / No)


Groundwater level (m)

It was not determined

Land plot geological research


Risk of flooding or landslides (Yes / No)


Underground obstacles (Yes / No)


Ground and air obstacles (Yes / No)


Environmental restrictions (Yes / No)


Buildings or other constructions on the land plot (Yes / No)


Transport position


Road access to the land plot (type and width of available road)

Concrete 7.5 m

Nearest highway / road of national importance (km)

At a distance of 0.5 - 1 km is H25 highway of national importance Horodyshche - Starokostiantyniv

Sea and river ports within a radius of 200 km


Railway track (km)


Railway access track (km)


Nearest airport (km))


Nearest seaport (km)


Available infrastructure


Electrification (Yes / No)


  • connection point (distance from the land plot boundary) (m)


  • voltage of electric current (kW)


  • allowable electrical capacity (MW)


Gasification (Yes / No)


  • connection point (distance from the land plot boundary) (m)


  • calorific value (MJ / Nm3)

Pressure 1,5 kgf/cm2

  • pipe diameter (mm)


Water supply (Yes / No)


  • connection point (distance from the land plot boundary) (m)


  • permissible capacity (m3 / 24 g)


Sewage treatment (Yes / No)


Telecommunications (Yes / No)


  • connection point (distance from the land plot boundary) (m)


Estimated supply cost of utilities (indicate the cost of supplying the necessary communications)


Current state of affairs (availability of necessary permits, results of land use change, etc.)

Purpose: Creation of modern and high-tech industries that are able to ensure the production of products that would meet modern national and European standards. Location of small, medium and large enterprises in the fields of medium and precision engineering, woodworking and pharmaceuticals, IT equipment, electrical equipment. 

Opportunities for state support

Industrial Park «Slavuta» is included in the register of Industrial Parks on February 7, 2014 under №2. This means that the participants of the industrial park have the right to receive benefits in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "About industrial parks":

- "0" rate of duty on equipment and accessories to it, which are not produced in Ukraine;

- exemption from equity participation in the development of infrastructure of settlements;

- state support for the arrangement (supply of engineering and transport infrastructure);

- transparent and simple procedure for acquiring land ownership rights;

- the minimum rental rate for the lease of communal and state-owned land;

- land tax benefits on real estate

Opportunities for local support

Comprehensive investor support at every stage of investment process

Other relevant comments

The first participants are registered in the Industrial Park «Slavuta». There are two individual entrepreneurs who intend to carry out economic activities by production and sale of concrete products.

During 2017-2020 construction works were carried out on the reconstruction of access roads to the Industrial Park «Slavuta». The project consists of three stages of construction with a total length of 2,765 km (coverage area 21200,9 m2).

In 2017-2020 cement road pavement with an area of ​​11654,805 m2 was arranged, roadsides made of gravel pavement with a length of 3300,0 m2 were arranged, gravel mixture was added and 25 road signs were installed for a total cost of 12366,7 thousand UAH. The third stage of construction was put into operation.

The offer is prepared

Executive committee of Slavuta City Council, 7, Sobornosti street, Slavuta, Khmelnytsyi region, 30000, Tel. +38 (03842) 7-11-68, 7-11-66, Fax +38 (03842) 7-12-33, E-mail: mail@slavuta-mvk.gov.ua, website: www.slavuta-mvk.info 

Contact person

Darchyk Halyna Dmytrivna, head of economic development department, Tel. +38(03842)7-17-25/ Fax +38(03842)7-12-33, e-mail: daruna04@ukr.net


Construction of the industrial (commercial) park "Slavuta"

Construction of the industrial (commercial) park "Slavuta"