Business type mining
Country Ukraine
Region Kirovohrad region
District Novomyrhorod
Location village Petroostriv
Area (m2) 65000
Address village Petroostriv
Coordinates 48.7440696 ,31.294252
Type of investment Ready projects

Quarry development and launch of granite mining, with its further processing into crushed stone and sale on the territory of Ukraine.

It is planned to extract granite and process it into crushed stone of different fractions with the use of modern methods of mining.

The total investment required for the project is $ 12 million USA.

Payback period - up to 3-5 years.

The expected volume of sales of crushed stone and rubble is on average UAH 30 million per a year.

Distance to Novomyrhorod - 30 km, railway track - 30 km; motorway - 20 km.

The area of ​​the land plot is 65,000 m2.

The land needs to change its purpose to "industrial land".

Annual production is 150 thousand m3.

Granite reserves for development on the land allotment amount to 4.3 million m3.

Hydrogeological conditions of the site are not difficult and are suitable for its development in an open way.

The groundwater level is low.

There is no: water supply on the territory (distance to the connection - 0.8 km), drainage (distance to the connection - 0.8 km), gas supply and electricity supply (distance to the connection - 0.8 km). It is necessary to build a water supply / drainage system and connect to the power supply system.

Project preparation stage: there is no license for geological study and development of the deposit.


Development of Petroostriv granite deposits, investment amount EUR 12 million