Business type tourism
Country Ukraine
Region Ivano-Frankivsk region
District Halych
Location Halych
Address Halych city
Coordinates 49.1217481, 24.7286027
Type of investment Ready projects

Expected financial results of the project:

Investment costs = 9238000,00 UAH

Net profit (average annual) = 1614000,00 UAH.

Profitability of business - 119%

Profitability of investment  17,5%

The payback period 5,7 years.

Landowner – state property

Purpose of the land plot : 08.03 For another historical and cultural purpose for a historical and cultural purpose (Starostinsky castle)

Distance to the Regional Center (Ivano-Frankivsk) - 25 km

Distance to the railway station (Halych) - 3,5 km

Distance to the airport (Ivano-Frankivsk) 31.7 km


The Galician castle is on a high mountain over the Dniester River. Not far from the Lukva River flows into the Dniester, this river unites the prince Galich and Krylos with the Castle Hill.

The castle in Galich was built in the middle of the fourteenth century, but the wooden fortification on the Castle Hill is mentioned in 1114. The construction of the castle in the present sense began in the middle of the fourteenth century, as the central stronghold of the Galician starostvo.

Now the castle is part of the national reserve "Ancient Galych". Not far away - the village of Krylos, where every year great farewell to the miraculous icon of Galician Mother of God is carried out. In the central part of Galych - a monument to Danylo Halytsky, the Museum of Karaims. Around the many ancient settlements, in particular an interesting hillfort in the territory of the Karaim cemetery/

Traditionally, the first weekend of September to the celebration of the first mention of the city here is a festival of historical reconstruction "Halytske lytsarstvo". Within the framework of the fest, a tournament on the historical medieval battle involving teams from all over Ukraine and abroad is being held. Volodymyr Gergelyuk, head of NGO "NASH ZAKHID", founder of investment online platform INVESTOR FOR COMMUNITY is one of the initiators of this festival and its co-organizer.

According to the example of Lviv, Kamyanets-Podilsky, Khotyn, the festivals of medieval culture and the effectiveness of local communities gave impetus to the development of tourist infrastructure.

Logistically, the city is very conveniently located on the highway Lviv-Ivano-Frankivsk. That is, all those who travel to the Carpathians pass by the Galician castle, a tower that meets the guests of the land from afar as a symbol of the greatness of Ancient Galych.

The investment project "Park of medieval culture "Galytskyy zamok" provides for the creation of a number of locations for tourists with exposure in the main tower: the dungeon, the room voivods, gunsmiths. There will be a tavern on the territory of the castle, where all those who like will be able to taste the dishes of Ancient Galych kitchen. There will also be held events on historical reconstruction, master classes, and a medieval school will operate. Provision of children's space with locations: shield-sword, quest-space, playground; etc.

A special highlight of the park will be the rental of retro bicycles and horseback riding in the Old Ring:

Park "Galytskyy zamok" - Museum of Folk Architecture and Life of the Carpathian Mountains (village Krylos) - Knyazhiy Dytynets (village Krylos) - St. Panteleimon (12-13 centuries) - the center of the city of Galych.

The Ministry of Culture of Ukraine is ready to transfer the lock on terms of long-term concession to the investor who is ready to implement this project.

The project will attract foreign and Ukrainian tourists, increase the tourist potential of the region and become a symbol of recovery and patriotic education.




Park of medieval culture "Galytskyy zamok", investment amount  UAH 9 238 000

Park of medieval culture "Galytskyy zamok", investment amount  UAH 9 238 000 Park of medieval culture "Galytskyy zamok", investment amount  UAH 9 238 000 Park of medieval culture "Galytskyy zamok", investment amount  UAH 9 238 000