Business type agriculture (berry growing)
Country Ukraine
Region Ivano-Frankivsk region
District Tlumach
Rent/Sale Rent
Address Tarasivka village
Coordinates 48.8482257, 25.028636
Type of investment Ready projects

The total area of ​​the land plot 10 hectares

The area occupied under the greenhouse 5 hectares

The cost of the project 600 000 euros

Net profit (annual average) – 195 000 euros per year

The payback period 3 years

Project implementation period 12 months

The owner of land - Tarasivka village council Tlumach district Ivano-Frankivsk region

Contact phone numbers of Tarasivka village council 03479-21277

Strawberries are the most popular berry in Ukraine. Its consumption reaches 70,000 tons per year. In western Ukraine, there are very favorable weather and climatic conditions for growing berries.

The consumption of berries worldwide increases every year. Today the strawberry market is one of the most profitable among fresh fruits. The EU market is worth 2 billion euros.

Given the above data, this area is very promising for investing in Ukraine.

We propose to grow, process fruit and berry products, focusing for exports and the domestic market.


The project of the company for the cultivation and processing of fruit and berry products for export and the domestic market, investment amount EUR 0.6 million