Country Ukraine
Region Zaporizhia region
District Vasylivka
Location Vasylivka
Address Vasylivka
Coordinates 47.4603744, 35.2354974
Type of investment Ready projects

Details of the enterprise (organization):

Name of enterprise (organization): Municipal institution "Zaporizhia regional center of tourism and local lore, sports and excursions of pupils youth" of Zaporizhia regional council

Postal address: 69091, str. Nemyrovych-Danchenko, 46-a, Zaporizhia

Phone: 224-02-70, 224-24-71

Fax: (061) -224-02-71

e-mail: info_turcenter@ukr.net

Form of ownership: communal property

Share of state ownership (%) 100%

The head of the enterprise (organization):

Position: Director

First name, last name: Olexander Romanchuk

Phone: +380661048122

Contact person of the investment project:

Position: Methodist

First name, last name Svitlana Yanushchenko

Phone: (+380) 989152753

The main products of the enterprise (list of goods, services): Provision of educational services and involvement of pupils youth in tourism and local lore activities and excursions

Number of employees 147

The essence of the investment project: Construction of a camping health and training center on the tourist base "Lysa hora" (Vasylivka) for tourism, local lore, sports, military and patriotic field events and meaningful recreation of pupils youth.

Project readiness level: 100%

Total investment: (USD): 1.4 million

The need for investment funds 1,400,000 (1.4 million)

Method of attracting investments: grant project



Camping health and training center at the tourist base " Lysa hora" (Vasylivka, Zaporizhia region), investment amount $ 1,4 million