Business type tourism
Country Ukraine
Region Ivano-Frankivsk region
District Tlumach
Location Nyzhniv village
Rent/Sale Rent
Address Nyzhniv village
Coordinates 48.9528252, 25.110376
Type of investment Ready projects

Expected financial results of the project:

Cost of the project - 16 420 000,00 UAH.

Net profit (average) - 2 523 000,00 UAH.

Profitability of business - 72,2%

Profitability of investment - 15.4%

The payback period - 6.5 years.

The owner of land - Nyzhniv village council Tlumach district Ivano-Frankivsk region

Contact phone numbers of Nyzhniv village council 03479-62791


The tourist ethno complex «Bukhta Tovmach» will be executed in the style of Trypillian settlement. It was between 5500 and 2750 BC e. Tripoli inhabited these lands. And in the Nyzhniv village, Tlumach district, Ivano-Frankivsk region, archaeologists have recorded several sites of this culture.

The tourist ethno complex «Bukhta Tovmach» will be located on the river Tovmachyk, which flows into Dniester, 300 m below the current.

The initiator of the project is the NGO «NASH ZAKHID» and the community of the Nyzhniv village, whose property is located the land where the complex is planned to be located.

Tourist Complex «Bukhta Tovmach» will provide guests with accommodation services:

 - 9 double rooms with all conveniences

- 10 elderly quadruple houses

Catering services:

- the hotel is planning a catering establishment «Trypilskyy» (150 people).

- conference hall for 100 people.

On the territory of the ethno complex there will be a lobby for health, which will provide apitherapy, phytotherapy, wellness massage, etc.

Guests can have a well-being in the Trypillian clay sauna and take the rejuvenating baths in the vats in a special, ancient recipe.

There will also be a workshop of Trypillya crafts where guests can attend master classes in pottery, weaving, wicker weaving, and others.

The complex will have an outdoor playground and a stylized children's room.

On the territory of the facility there will be a location for entertaining events and festivals in the open air format.

In addition, the hotel will lease the area under:

Trailer park - 20 seats

campsite - 20 seats

Also on the territory of the hotel will be located a beach for 100 sun beds for recreation on the river Dniester.

A special highlight of the Ethno Complex «Bukhta Tovmach» will be a water tourism club, which will organize excursions to the Dniester River on the outstanding natural and historical monuments of the Dniester Canyon on modern swimming craft (groups up to 12 people). There will also be possible orders for the organization of groups for fishing, the organization of picnics.

For active recreation there is an alpin park, kayaks, catamarans, boats, bicycle rental, hiking and cycling trips to Trypillian settlements. In particular:

1. the route «Silicon Valley» to the ancient place of production of thrips of silicon;

2. a route to the medical sources «Monastyrka» and "Pasichka", the water of which has healing properties and contributes to the improvement of vision, respiratory tract and gastrointestinal diseases;

3. a route to the burial mound and settlement of the Trypillians «Gorodische».


Tourist Ethno Complex «Bukhta Tovmach», investment amount  UAH 16 420 000