Business type recycling of solid waste
Country Ukraine
Region Zaporizhia region
District Melitopol
Location Melitopol
Address Melitopol
Coordinates 46.7733542, 35.2897958
Type of investment Ready projects

Details of the enterprise ( organization ):

Name of enterprise ( organization ) : Melitopol City Council

Postal address : 72312, Zaporizhia region, Melitopol , st . M. Hrushevsky , 5

Phone : +38 (0619) 42-13-58

Fax : +38 (06192) 6-34-70

e-mail : mail@mlt.gov.ua

Form of ownership : state

Share of state ownership (%) : 100  

The head of the enterprise ( organization ):

Position : Head of the Department of Socio-Economic Development of Melitopol

First name, last name : Yuriy Zakharchuk

Phone: ( 0619) - 42-69-01

Contact person of the investment project:

Position : Chief Specialist of the Department of Economy and Energy Efficiency of the City Department of Socio-Economic Development of the City of the Executive Committee of the Melitopol City Council

First name, last name : Dmytro Kasyanenko

Phone: ( 0619) - 42-69-01

The essence of the investment project: utilization of landfill gas at the landfill for solid waste and the creation of additional capacity to generate electricity, with subsequent sale to the Wholesale Market at a "green" tariff.

Project readiness level: Project documentation under development

Total investment (thousands of US dollars) 1667625.1

The need for investment funds: (thousand US dollars) 1667625.1

Method of attracting investments: Credit, Grant funds, Private investments

Payback period of the project (years): 7


Construction of biogas complex in Melitopol city dump solid waste Zaporizhia region, investment amount EUR 166.762510 million